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Family & Children's Dentistry


Bring Your Child to Our Bampton Dentist Office

At Beech Dentistry in Brampton, we love children and we do our best to accommodate their unique oral health needs. Our dental office takes pride in offering a full range of family dentistry services.

Dr. Nayyar is a father of 2 children and is keenly aware and appreciative of the importance of a child’s oral health.

Your Child’s First Dentist Visit

Beech Dentistry makes your child’s first dentist visit an enjoyable one! We take your child on a free introductory tour of our facility so they get to see all that goes on at a dentist office. You and your child will meet with Dr. Nayyar, our general practitioner who has many years of experience working with children. His reassuring approach makes every visit comfortable, relaxing, and fun.

By introducing children to the dentist office in this way, we hope to instill in them a positive attitude towards their dental health. Good oral hygiene should begin early. That’s why Beech Dentistry makes your child’s first visit one to remember.

*Please note that parents are under no obligation to make further appointments.


Sealants are one of the dental options we offer children at Beech Dentistry. A sealant is a thin, plastic film that is painted onto your child’s teeth, protecting molar and premolar chewing surfaces from decay. Often young children can struggle with forming good brushing habits which leads to decay on their newly erupted molars. With dental sealants, Dr. Nayyar and his team hope to significantly reduce or prevent decay.


Mouth Guards & Bruxing Appliances

Dental health is more than just brushing and flossing. It also includes protecting your teeth from chipping or breaking. If your child plays sports, we highly recommend you bring them in in for a mouth guard fitting. Mouth guards can protect your child’s teeth from severe damage during sports games and other physical activities. Similar mouth guards can also be created to deter bruxism or teeth grinding during sleep. Ask about what types of bruxing appliances we have available for your family.

Dental Health Education

When it comes to dental health, prevention and education are a big part of keeping your smile looking its best. At Beech Dentistry we offer dental health education for children. We have instructional videos for kids to watch on proper brushing, flossing, and more. Ask about our dental health education services today.